How Did It Start ?

It all started with the objective of giving a voice to the voiceless and the poor, and support to the fight against poverty, corruption, inequality, exclusion, injustice, and exploitation of the less fortunate. We started by empowering and organizing those who have no voice such as the garment workers ( Slave Wage), the police officiers ( Unpaid for months), Youth ( Deprived of education and opportunities) the jobless , and the Haitian business women ( unable to compete and exploited- victims ), and those living in inhuman condition with hunger and no access to education or no means to improve their life conditions being forced to leave the country. It all started with them understanding that they can be the changes they wish to see if they organize and build their power to build that voice that no power can’t undermine or ignore. Those with no voice have realized that “Those who want freedom has to fight for it themselves “. 


Social Justice
Fight Corruption

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